In last weekend, invited by a couple of poker friends I met in Antwerp for an underground poker game (Texas Hold ‘em), and I had the time of my life, what beautiful women and groovy clubs I enjoyed. But first and foremost, I enjoyed a nice game of professional poker at least I thought I would, since as you will see in the next hand, the play was very loose. So as a consequence, I didn’t enjoy a nice game of professional poker, but I enjoyed a nice game of giving Mad money”. I admit, this hand I got a little lucky, but the play here is terrible! I woke up on the button with a nice suited, and I really was running quite well, I just bought in short once for $20. And given the fact that there were so many limpers in front of me, and a stupid min-raise from the cutoff, I wanted to make it a juicy pot, in case I would hit something really nice.

Making the Big Move, Raising On The Button

So I raised to $3, the small blind decides it is time to make his move and makes it $7,5. What a and also, a stupid , being out of position and all! 2 other idiots call, and obviously, this is the best position I could ever be in, in position, against 3 Dutch . The pot was $31 going to the flop, which couldn’t have been better for me, at least I thought. 9sTc3s, top pair, flush potential, and even a small chance on a straight! The small stack, on the big blind, makes his move with $2 in the $31 pot, I laughed for half an hour and raised him to $10,50. Everyone called, and we went to the turn, which not only gave me some straight chances, but also completed my flush! The small blind once again thinks it is time to show the length of his masculinity and bets $40. Small stack calls his with his remaining money, and I obviously raise all-in without thinking twice. The small blind shows a set of tens and the big blind, who was short stacked, so he didn’t have the right to the whole pot, showed a flush draw to an Ace high flush. So only another spade would be able to hurt my hand, or a doubling up of the board.

Poker, Amsterdam and Joints

Tension was rising as the plants were burned in all corners of our table, this is Amsterdam after all. The small blind begged me to run it twice, but I refused, while I had another taste of my ‘joint’. Confident that the last card wasn’t going to be anything that would make me cry. But then I saw the spade and I hit the table magnificently hard with my fist. And as the big blind is ready to take all the chips, the dealer says “Max wins the pot, straight flush Q high”. I felt ashamed, but also totally relieved and overjoyed, since the parties in Amsterdam are quite expensive, I could go to a club, visit the “walletjes” and after that, have myself some champagne with a gorgeous friend I had waiting there that night.

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