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  1. Programming promotional activities of the games and the related investments;
  2. Assetti organizational and functional activities of the traditional games, American and mechanical;
  3. Trasferimento tables of American games from room to room Liberty De Santis;
  4. Progetto for a new layout of the tables in casinos;
  5. Rotazione and fairness in the allocation of shifts and services, subject to the rights of the law and justified reasons for the refusal;
  6. Informatizzazione shift and services;
  7. Modalità application of the criteria established by the collective agreement for a temporary change of job;
  8. Formazione technique in the area of traditional games, American and mechanics, as well as in administrative and auxiliary staff;
  9. Apertura of the case for changing the rate of breakdown of the traditional games of tips among employees of the casino game and Spa;
  10. Varie and possible. The writer asks, therefore, to be made available to a local employee for exercising the right of the assembly during working hours.

Why do not you go to a race course and enjoy your business hits as the richest and poorest when you are standing in separate locations to differentiate its kind this side? a fun play on words and it goes without saying that when you win and experience his first victory stand amazed because of his victory in the stand that just does not want to stop doing that. Want to come over and punt on the horse quickly after studying about all the contenders in the race then there’s no turning back for you because you are already a player!

Money makes the world go round and round the mulberry and so people want more and more of it in less time so they can meet all your needs without any delay. That’s the main reason behind gambling casinos where loads and loads of money are brought from various sources every day and opted to do more of it yet. That’s why there is no way playing the game ever come to an end for this is a game that makes you love the money like crazy!

Casino tournaments are all the rage on the web delivering an enhanced level of interaction, excitement, and rewards. You’ll find an array of table gaming contests such as blackjack at many high-end web casinos, but slot tournaments are my personal favorite.

To play live slot gaming tournaments or table contests simply click on the tournament icon in the gaming lounge. You’ll be asked to register an alias username so get creative and make is something cool to frighten the other gamers (I game under the name Hungry Slot Monster!). The top casinos offer 2 basic options instant play tournaments, or ‘pre-register’ options where you can book in advance. Slot tournaments feature live leaderboards, to use your spins to generate a maximum score in the timed gaming challenge.

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