Casino Roulette BettingCasino Roulette Betting

Casino roulette is an exciting game that is played with a wheel that is spun around and a small ball is placed in it while it is spinning. When the ball and the roulette wheel come to rest, players will see which pocket, corresponding to a roulette number, the ball has landed in, and if their casino roulette betting will have been placed on winning or losing roulette bets.

The casino roulette betting takes place up until the time that the roulette dealer announces that there will be “no more bets” or at times, it will be said “rien ne va plus”. The reason that casino roulette betting must stop before the wheel stops spinning is that once the wheel slows down, it is far easier to predict where the roulette ball will land, giving players an unfair advantage. For this reason, either the roulette dealer, in a brick-and-mortar casino, or the online casino software, in an online casino, will halt the casino roulette betting at an appropriate time. Casino roulette betting is placed on a specially designed roulette table that has spaces for players to place the many different kinds of roulette bets that are available to them.

When the roulette ball has spun and bounced its way into one of the pockets on the roulette wheel, the dealer in a brick-and-mortar casino places a special marker on the roulette table that is known as a dolly. This marker, or dolly, simply marks out the space on the casino roulette betting table that surrounds the winning number on the roulette table layout. Once the dolly is on the roulette table, players know that the round of casino roulette betting is over and that the dealer will now deal with any roulette bets that have been placed. All the losing casino roulette betting that is on the roulette table is removed by the dealer who will do this either by using a special rake or by using his/her hand. All the casino roulette bets that then remain on the table are winning roulette bets, and these include both inside bets and outside bets. The winning casino roulette betting will be paid out by the dealer. After the payouts have been made to all those players that won, the special dolly is removed from the board, and the next round of roulette and casino roulette betting will begin.

When roulette is played in an online casino, essentially, the same process takes place, however, the online casino software does the job of the dealer. In some online casinos, there are live dealer online casino games. More recently, roulette players have been able to place their casino roulette betting on online casino roulette games that have live dealers. This means that there is an actual live person who is dealing with the game and the players, adding an extra dimension to the online game. Players get more of the feel of playing roulette in a land-based casino when playing in a game that has live dealers.

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