Gambling on the Go: Ways to Avoid Stumbling and FallingHotels in a city, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

Mobile gaming has become a big business over the last five years with platforms of all shapes and sizes offering hundreds of portable gaming options. Indeed, inside Smart Live Gaming mobile casino apps (iOS and Android) you’ll find a bevy of games to suit players of all persuasions. From slots like Jack Hammer 2 with its one-touch controls, to a live roulette app featuring Auto Roulette and Japanese Roulette costing as little as £0.10, this mobile casino has everything you need to ante up on the go.

However, while these platforms can offer a mobile gaming experience that’s every bit as engaging as one you’d find in a live casino, they do have some potential stumbling blocks. If we take out the actual possibility of you tripping over an object as you look down at your phone to place a bet, mobile gaming has several potential pitfalls.

What we’re talking about are the strategic problems you can run into when you’re betting via your mobile. Of course, you won’t know what obstacles you need to avoid if someone doesn’t tell you, which is why we’ve compiled a list of common mistakes mobile gamblers make when they’re on the move. One of the biggest problems is that mobile gamers take things too lightly. If you read any casino strategy guides, you’ll notice that one of the biggest skills you need to master is focus and concentration.

Unfortunately, some players seem to forget this rule the minute they pick up their phones. This is partly a natural reaction given the ephemeral role many mobile apps have in our lives; however, it’s a reaction you need to change if you don’t want to blow your bankroll. Make sure you have time to sit and think about what you’re doing. Don’t be a one-bet hero because you’ll never come out on top. In contrast to sitting at a real gaming table, mobile gaming is a lot less immersive. Although the latest games are extremely high quality, the fact you’re playing on a smaller screen and often in a public place means that it’s easier to get distracted.

One way to overcome this problem is to wear headphones when you play. Acting as a barrier between you and the outside world, the headphones will not only block out external distractions but immerse you in the game a bit more. Software developers such as NetEnt and Playtech incorporate sounds and musical interludes in their games, so take advantage of this and make sure you don’t let your concentration slip. Mobile casino games are quick. In most cases, they’re quicker than online casino games simply because the developers often have to scale back some of the in-game features to make them work in a mobile setting.

However, what some mobile games lack in terms of features, they make up for in speed. For example, when you compare the spin rate of an online slot that has flashy animations after every spin to a mobile game that simply blasts through each revolution, you’ll find you can place around 25% more bets per hour. With this in mind, you have to ensure that you’re always aware of how much you’re betting when you’re playing on your mobile so that you don’t go over your bankroll’s limits. Playing fast is fantastic, but don’t play so fast that you spend more than you can afford to.

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