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I will start with the dry facts about the existence of different kinds of scams and frauds:

First of all, the option of getting involved in a scam exists in every aspect of life, even in places you wouldn’t dream it is possible to scam people. I am not trying to start a paranoid reaction or something of the same nature, only to bring some useful information for a better living. You do not have to be the most innocent person in the world to get caught in a scam, only not the most suspicious one.

In this day and age of the internet, where you do not see any of the people you communicate with, scams are possibly more than ever. The most common online gambling scam is when an online casino does not handle payouts properly and denies paying players they rightfully earned winning money or promised bonuses. At times the scam is not done at this stage, and a big compensation bonus “to repair the mistake that has been made” is offered to the player if will return to the casino. Naturally, it is not recommended to do so.

These kinds of online casinos are usually illegal and have no gambling license. So the easiest way to avoid those is to check for a valid license before starting to play. The website of the casino should contain this kind of information, and if not, it is recommended to address them by mail and ask. If a reply does not arrive in a day, then there is a problem.

Another scam of the same kind is when the odds of the games are very much in favor of the house, in a way that it is impossible to win at any game, and the players keep on losing money until they realize that. This scam is harder to detect but it is as easy to avoid, by the same means, as the first scam. Simply choose one of the known and reliable online casinos and poker rooms, and you would be playing at a safe gaming platform.

There are many other scams and frauds out there in the gambling industry and outside of it, and some, even I have not heard of yet. It is impossible to know all the kinds of scams and even if it is, I do not think it is something one should do. The best thing to do is to be alert and responsible and not enter places, virtual or land-based, that have no self-information.

When looking for an online casino, it is best to choose a known one with the necessary regulations. There are plenty of well-known and respectable online casinos that are trustworthy and fun to play at. All you have to do is choose from them the one you like the most and start playing.

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