Triple 7's Progressive BlackjackTriple 7's Progressive Blackjack

Playing Blackjack got a whole lot better thanks to the team over at Microgaming who have brought out the first progressive Blackjack game that can be found online

The game may be played at out top rated site that is Riverbelle Casino, however as it is a live progressive you can only play it for real money, so free-play mode is not available.

The game offers some huge jackpots thanks to the progressive element of the game and we will now take a look at the rules of playing this great new game.

As usual we have loaded onto the right hand side of this webpage the strategy card for playing Triple 7’s Blackjack so feel free to use it when you next sit down to play this Blackjack game.

The Blackjack game of Triple 7’s Blackjack uses 5 full decks of playing cards and any of these can be dealt from the shoe.

The cards are always fully shuffled after each game has ended

A Blackjack will always beat a hand of 21.

The Dealer will always Stand on any hand with a value of 17, and will Hit hands worth 16 or less

The game of Triple 7’s Blackjack is No Hole card game.

You can Split your hand, however you are not permitted to Double after you have Split a hand.

You can Double Down if you have a 9, 10 or 11.

The progressive element of the game will cost you 1 chip, this chip is valued at what you have chosen as the currency of the casino, that could be a Dollar or a Euro.

The one chip is an obligatory side bet and you must place this bet in addition to the usual stake for playing a hand

The side bet will pay-off certain bonuses for getting certain hands dealt (these must be the first cards in your hand) and these are as below:

7 of any suit pays 5
77 of any suit pays 25
77 same suit pays 50
777 any suit pays 250
777 same suit pays 1000
777 in the suit of Diamonds pays the progressive jackpot as indicated on the jackpot meter

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