When it comes to online roulette strategies the martingale and dozen systems are without doubt the most famous. It’s also no surprise that they’re extremely popular among recreational roulette gamers since they’re very simple to use. Review each roulette system, compare the pros and cons, and play them with a logical, low-risk approach.

Martingale Roulette Strategy

The Martingale is an instant-play roulette strategy that can be used in virtually any online casino, 24 hours a day. Generally, most successful martingale players tend to play in short sessions lasting 60 minutes or less, hitting the casinos, banking the cash from profitable sessions, and then quitting while ahead!

1 Choose an even money roulette bet and wager 1 credit (for example; 1 credit black)
2 If your spin loses – re-spin with x2 your stake (such as 2 credits black)
3 The double-up must be placed progressively after each losing spin
4 When you strike a winning bet – quite the cycle with 1 unit profit and re-start

The dozen spin method

The dozen betting strategy is a slightly more complex and conditional roulette strategy – but it’s still very easy to apply when playing online roulette:-

1 Spin without a wager (alternatively, get the same effect with 1.00 red, 1.00 black)
2 Note down the winning spin dozen; low (1-12), middle (13-25), high (26-38)
3 You must only bet when you see 5 spins with one section not winning – such as l, l, l, h, h; bet using the progressive betting ladder below:

Which system is more effective?

Simply put both roulette systems can deliver fast, easy winning sessions but no system is guaranteed to work, and any roulette system is likely to hit losing runs. However, one advantage of the dozen system is the fact that its progressive betting levels are slightly less steep than the martingale, while its strategic complexity makes it significantly more professional.

Can systems make long-term profits?

There’s no definitive answer to this question because your results can depend on multiple factors including luck, discipline, and fund management. You will hit losing cycles when using roulette systems (despite their very high probability of winning) and the key to success is making your profitable sessions more than makeup for your losing ones. However, there are several ways to boost your hopes of making roulette systems pay while minimizing your expenditure should you lose.

Budget:- Keep your weekly and monthly budget low this way you’ll never risk more than leisure money. In addition, with a little luck you can build up a bigger bankroll and play with bugger stakes, but low risk.

Bank profits:- Don’t get overly greedy and bank any profits regularly, unless you’re happy to risk them

Win and quit:- Don’t use roulette strategies for hours at a time raid the casinos and then quit without testing your luck!

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