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Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 4

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There is a variety of different music, it even has an older AC/DC track, which is great for us older gamers. Then again some of the older gamers might want to turn down the music volume. The games ambient sound is just as impressive. When you grind different material such as metal or concrete, it sounds just like if you were doing it out on the street. more from Gamer's Hell
THPS4 is very different. First, there's no time limit for the stages - you are free to look around, practice tricks and lines and hunt for the green dollar bills that litter each stage at your leisure. Whereas in past Hawk games players could attempt the level's goals in whatever order they chose, in this game, each level contains a number of people who'll give you tasks to complete. more from Games Domain
Many of the level goals in Tony Hawk 4 will be pretty difficult even for series veterans, so accomplishing them will be really satisfying. The game throws some strict time limits at you in some of the goals, and some of the later combo goals are tough to pull off. In previous games, failing a goal or missing a jump meant that you had to spend time skating around to get back in position. more from Game Spot
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