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BMX XXX controls "feels" very similar to the myriad of skating/bike games out there. Separate buttons control jump, spin, tricks and trick modifiers. The layout is easy to use, and it didn't take me long to start doing some big air tail whip to one handed tabletop to one footed double peg stalls. more from Gamer's Hell
While the boundaries of tastelessness have been tested before with PC games such as Leisure Suit Larry, BMX XXX just shows how far games have come from simple pixilated raunchiness to streaming video footage of Manhattan’s favorite daughters from a little club called Scores. more from Game Zone
Without the vulgarity, there isn't anything in BMX XXX to draw your attention for more than an evening's rental. Levels are poorly designed. Challenge objectives are poorly described in cutscenes. Some of these clips make little or no sense, the dialogue having been constructed so that cussing takes precedence over comprehension. more from Games Domain
The gameplay of BMX XXX is very similar to that of Dave Mirra Freestyle BMX 2. One button is used for tricks, and another is used to modify those tricks. There's actually a considerable amount of depth here, as the game has a ton of tricks when you count up all the modified versions and combinations. However, even with all this variety, none of the tricks feel particularly special or important, and you're left with what seems like a billion different ways to do a tabletop. more from Game Spot
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