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SSX Tricky

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The track design in every level has been heavily modified, and of course Garibaldi and Alaska are completely new. The scale of the courses at this point is such that it's entirely possible to get lost, or as lost as you can be when you're just supposed to go downhill. more from IGN
SSX Tricky is set one year after the original game, and two of the riders from the original SSX have taken a sabbatical, only to be replaced by a stable of five young guns with even more personality. The foundation of the game remains as the world circuit, in which you must compete against six other riders in circuits composed of three runs down the same hill. more from Game Spot
The gameplay that is at the heart of SSX is a blend of alpine snowboard racing, amazing tricks and even a touch of fighting. As you make your way down some amazingly detailed and expansive courses, you’ll be pitted against a number of CPU racers who will each act according to their own individual personalities as they try to beat you to the finish line. more from Game Spy
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