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Splinter Cell

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Some parts of Splinter Cell are hard, and sometimes frustratingly hard. Many other games are equally hard, and if you just see a difficult area as a challenge then youíll probably be fine. Learning the controls does take a little while, but when you learn how logical it is, playing the rest of the game should be a great experience. more from Gamer's Hell
Most felt that the genre had reached its pinnacle with the kick-ass Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty, but Splinter Cell blew that game out of the water with intense gameplay, cinematic graphics, and a story that, well, actually made some sense. more from Game Spy
Sam Fisher is the splinter cell--an ultrasecret commando working on highly classified assignments. The title of Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell refers to the unusual role of its main character, a highly trained and experienced soldier working for a top-secret military organization, Third Echelon, that's attempting to rid the world of a high-tech terrorist threat. If he's caught, the US government will disavow its affiliation with his mission. more from Game Spot
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