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Hitman 2

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The story of Hitman 2, while not being Pulitzer worthy, goes as following: after a life of extreme violence 47 ended his career and went to live in a monastery in Sicily. A large sum of his hard earned money was donated to the owners of it, so there he would live in perfect solitude or so he thought! more from Gamer's Hell
Those who never played the original Hitman already know all the background on Hitman 2 that they'll really need. The game begins with the enigmatic man known only as 47 working not as a hired gun but as a gardener. He's given up his violent ways and is now serving as a humble groundskeeper in a Sicilian church. But when the church's kindly minister is kidnapped, 47 has no choice but to once again don his black suit and unpack his deadly arsenal of firearms and close-range weapons. more from Game Spot
Hitman 2: Silent Assassin manages to send you on 20 unique and challenging missions, located in all corners of the world, Japan, Malaysia, Russia, Sicily, etc. Although the scenery changes from mission to mission they all hold the same concept, infiltrate a generally well guarded building and take out a key target. more from Monkey Review
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