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Max Payne Review

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Max Payne walks a courageous tightrope between telling a serious, gritty story and spoofing both itself and the action-adventure movie and game genres in general. more from Games Domain
This review is going to be the first Monkeyreview where a Title/Product/Application actually gets a 5.0, It doesn't happen all that often but reviewing this game was a pleasure to say the least, Hell I still have the blisters on my hand. more from Monkey Review
Remedy brings the John Woo movie experience to your home PC. Max Payne's spectacular gunfights and slow-mo Matrix-style action are not to be missed. This title is simply a "must have." more from Game Spy
You play as the title character throughout the game. Max is a modern-day New York undercover cop whose wife and baby daughter were brutally murdered and who has since been framed for a heinous crime. Thus begins his blood-soaked battle to find the truth--and to get revenge. more from Game Spot

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