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Commandos 3 Review

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From the basic standpoint, Commandos 3: Destination Berlin controls and plays like the others in the series. You'll have a squad of men (sometimes one, sometimes several) with different specialties and attributes to help you through a level. more from IGN
The story opens, as all good WWII tales do, in a small section of Stalingrad being barely held by a squad of Russian soldiers. The problem? There's a nasty ol' German sniper out there who seems to enjoy taking potshots at our Soviet comrades. more from Game Spy
The controls feel a little rough at first, but they are way better than the controls of the previous Commandos installments. You can scroll the mouse wheel in order to switch the angle of your perspective, which allows you to see on the other sides of large objects and check if enemies are on the other side of a wall. more from Game Zone
As we enter the single player menu of the game, we are faced with taking a decision: which campaign should we choose… the tutorial campaign, Stalingrad, Central Europe or the Normandy campaign? For beginners, as well as veterans, it’s recommended to begin with the two tutorial missions present in the game. more from Gamer's Hell

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