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Freedom Fighters Review

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Freedom Fighters takes place in an alternate reality that never saw the dissolution of the Soviet Union. Instead, the Red threat has continued to grow since the end of World War II, taking hold in countries as close to home as Cuba and Mexico. more from Game Spot
Chris is rescued by a member of the resistance who takes him to their HQ deep in the sewer system under the city and this then becomes the hub from which all the missions are launched. There are 19 missions in all, divided into eight chapters and virtually all involve fighting your way to the top of a building and planting the American flag there. more from Games Domain
First of all, there's the body count. Hundreds will die, and that's not including the work of your fellow rebels. Then there's the sense of panic as you run between points of cover in the shattered New York streets, attempting to find a way around the wall of resisting Soviet troops entrenched in the middle of the road. more from Code Junkies
Imagine if much of the history for the last sixty or so years didnít happen the way it actually did. Imagine if the nuclear bomb was dropped on Berlin, and the UK reluctantly joined Soviets. Imagine if Soviets managed to put medium-range missiles on Cuba, and invade the entire South America. more from Gamer's Hell

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