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Max Payne 2 Review

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Max Payne 2 is a direct sequel to the original and picks up after the events of that game. Max, now a detective and wearier than ever of the world, once again has his hands full as he finds himself hopelessly attached to the lovely Mona Sax, a murder suspect and part of a bigger plot that ties in to Max's own dark past. There are tons of references and parallels to the original story. more from Game Spot
To start, all of the AI from the original Max Payne has been cut, so you should expect enemies to act much differently this time around. "The AI was completely rewritten for the sequel," says Lake. "Because of this, there has been an all-around overhaul in the enemy behavior, how they react to situations, perceive danger, how they take cover, how they work together, the works." more from Game Spy
The section where Max is walking through a funhouse seeking Mona stands out as one of the best examples of level design to have crossed our desks in quite some time. The funhouse is based on a TV psychological thriller show that can occasionally be seen playing on TV sets in other areas of the game. more from Games Domain
The models, much like the first game, are quite well done with a few extras. The faces have been redone; gone are the days of the constipated look on Max Payne’s face. Finally he shows off a ton of facial expression, most of which are seen in the cut scenes. more from Gamer's Hell

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