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NBA Live 2004 Review

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The NBA Live series has long-carried a reputation as an enjoyable, though fast-paced, basketball game. Last year's NBA Live 2003 certainly lived up to that billing--and then some. It was a great game in its own right, but many criticized the game's breakneck pace and extremely arcadelike feel. more from Game Spot
The single best thing about NBA Live 2004 is the continued innovations brought to the game's control. Last season saw the introduction of Freestyle into the mix. This year, Freestyle is back, although toned down for the better, while two new additions to player control make Live the tightest controlling baller to date. more from IGN
Like all of this year's EA games, Live 2004 has made a serious turn to the sim-side of things. While 2003 was a truer-to-life hoops game than previous years had been, the game was far too offense-friendly. You could almost drive the lane in your sleep. Of course, a lot of that might have been development's desire to show off the coolness and versatility of the game's new right-stick freestyling ability. more from Game Spy

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