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Diablo II Review

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Gameplay in Diablo II is generally identical to the first, and the user interface is so easy a half drunk howler monkey could pick it up in minutes. You control a hero from a third person isometric point of view and dictate the character's movements by clicking your mouse around the screen. more from Game Spy
In order to properly address this particularly potent question, one must first consider Diablo II's various facets, the least of which being its storyline. Fans of the initial outing will remember its story well, as they look fondly upon the time spent and the horrors witnessed deep below the surface of the small town of Tristram. more from Adrenaline Vault
The actual gameplay still consists almost exclusively of killing monsters to gain treasure and experience points. Since your character constantly gains more and more formidable abilities and weaponry, that relatively simple style of play proves to be just as addictive as it was in the original Diablo and in other games that have since exploited the same formula. more from Game Spot

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