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Halo Review

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Halo's single-player game is essentially untouched and the same one that graced the Xbox. Set hundreds of years in the future, you play Master Chief, a supermarine fighting a future war against a group of alien races collectively known as the Covenant. more from Game Spy
In Halo, you don the armor of the Master Chief; a war-hardened soldier that only comes out when the going gets really tough. The Earth is at war with a mysterious race called the Covenant and as the game opens, a Halcyon-class cruiser from Earth, the Pillar of Autumn, has dropped out of warp badly damaged. more from Adrenaline Vault
Most video game science-fiction is of fairly low quality and, thankfully, Halo is the exception to the rule. Boasting a story that draws the player in to an alien world, Halo presents us with enough information and background to keep things interesting while still allowing for real surprises. more from IGN
As a First Person Shooter, you would expect normal controls, which Halo has, but grenade lobbing and melee attacks became accessible with the push of a button (without having to select them ala Half-Life). These make it very easy to get used to, but hard to master, as the frag-grenades bounce, and melee attacks are a little slow, and have healing time. more from Gamer's Hell

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