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Enter The Matrix Review

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All the in game characters were modeled after their real life counterparts, and even the fight moves were recorded from them as well. What will grab everyone off the bat are the between mission cut scenes. They are actual filmed scenes taken during movie production to suck you into the storyline. more from Gamer's Hell
God loves, hype kills. Marketing departments everywhere are doing such a thorough job that it seems every other day, a new entertainment property emerges that is heralded as the be-all, end-all experience ever to grace a movieplex, television screen or concert stage. Usually, the "new best thing" cannot stand up under the weight of expectation. more from IGN
Enter the Matrix focuses on two side characters named Niobe and Ghost. You'll see both characters sparingly throughout the film, but they rarely get any meaningful screen time. However, it's assumed that the duo is off doing something important when they aren't hanging out with Neo, Trinity, and the rest of the film's principal characters. more from Game Spot

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