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SSX 3 Review

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Itís not often I comment on good camera usage, but this is really another department where SSX3 shines. Youíll zoom down steep mountains, literally fly through the air, and the camera always stays at a nice cinematic angle. There were a few times when it can work against you, like when youíve crashed into some obstacles that are difficult to get out of, but itís surprisingly good during the majority of the game. more from Gamer's Hell
Progression is based on cash, which is awarded for tricks, picking up collectibles and winning medals. Each area of a peak has a smattering of collectible blue snowflake icons that must be retrieved to fully complete the peak - the game features hundreds in total. more from Games Domain
SSX 3 offers a mind-bogglingly massive challenge spanning three huge peaks on a single whopping mountain construct. With the new limitless combo system, freedom to do anything you want, and drop-dead gorgeous visuals, SSX 3 has it all -- including PS2-only online play via the Internet. more from Game Spy
SSX 3's main attraction, the new "conquer the mountain" mode, which lets you participate in race and freestyle events at your leisure; it also lets you explore the game's expansive environments. SSX 3 takes place on a fantastical mountain consisting of three progressively steeper, more intimidating peaks. more from Game Spot

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