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Final Fantasy X Review

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Overall, Final Fantasy X is a remarkably well done role-playing game that offers plenty of just about everything that's ever been good about the series. At the same time, it takes the series in interesting new directions and refines many of the series' most important elements, such as the turn-based combat and the character-advancement system. more from Game Spot
Maybe it's not quite that predictable, but even the most loyal FF die-hard can't deny the series is repeating its safer elements in both story and gameplay, changing only the faces, names and rejigging some of the combat, while wrapping it all up in a pretty presentational package. more from Games Domain
Most of the action in Final Fantasy X centers around the journey of Yuna, a young summoner, and her guardians who are sworn to protect her on a long pilgrimage to defeat Sin. Tidus joins their number and over time a party is formed. As a summoner, Yuna plays double role as white mage and the only character who can call forth the massive creatures who are a Final Fantasy trademark. more from Adrenaline Vault

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