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Call of Duty Review

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There is no shortage of World War II-themed first-person shooters available, and it's no secret that a number of them, including Medal of Honor: Allied Assault and Battlefield 1942, are extremely good. Now you can add Call of Duty to that list. more from Game Spot
The most remarkable thing about Call of Duty's success is how wholly unremarkable it sounds when you describe the basics of the gameplay. Your character can run, kneel, lie prone, lean, and shoot - the staple of any number of generic current generation FPS games. more from Games Domain
Call of Duty is definitely on my top 10 best played games. Regardless of the repeated level design the game is extremely fun. I had little anticipation for this game so I was simply blown away when I started playing it. If you are a fan of the FPS genre then I would definitely recommend this title. more from Gamer's Hell

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