Online bingo room is considered to be the biggest UK online bingo room on the internet and with over 3 million members, it’s got quite a lot of claim behind that accolade.

With the site being as popular as it is, they have quickly risen to the point in which they can now claim that they has two winners every second, paying out more that 100 million in prizes every single month.

Jackpot is also one of the oldest online bingo rooms but has been given a new design and uplift back in March 2010, adding more features and a smoother looking blue design which has made the site even better than ever before.

The update in design meant that navigating to the online bingo games that you want to play has been made a whole lot easier than it was before and has lead to the site teaming up with popular television shows to bring you new unique offerings within their online bingo games selection.

Jackpot Graphics

Following their 2010 update the site has been handed a whole new lease of life and where as before it was hard to find your way around the site, the new sleek blue design has really helped to improve things for members both old and new.The site design is clean, sleek and very easy to move around, meaning that you won’t be lost in the bright pink colours that many of the rival online bingo rooms have in place.

Each of the games that the site has to offer has it’s own high visual image that will give you a taste of what the game will look like and during my own time playing on the site, i have found a number of non bingo related games that have taken my fancy and will be sure to offer the same effect to you.

Jackpot Playability

When you first join Jackpotjoy you will quickly realise that moving around the site to find the games on offer is very smooth and I can assure you that the navigational process is one of the best in the industry to date.While playing on the site i have not experienced any issues with the game play in anyway but there have been reports that other users see ‘freezing’ on their end, meaning that their online bingo session is interrupted.

Aside from those reported issues, the site operates the auto dabber software which will participate in the game for you, marking off the numbers as they are called to ensure that you don’t miss out on any of the big jackpot prizes that are offered on a frequent basis across the site.Overall the site is easy to use, the game pages are laid out well and allow good space for social speaking on the in-game chat rooms and the games are great to play.

Jackpot Games Selection

Being considered to be the biggest online bingo site in the UK, Jackpot Joy have consistently looked for new and exciting games that you will be able to play during your time online, a great trait as sometimes i feel like i want a welcome break away from the online bingo games action.

With more online slots games than i could even wish to play, the site offers a wide range of variety to help to break up your sessions, meaning that playing on the site is never a dull time.

Games range in prices when it comes to buying tickets, from the free bingo games that the site offers on a weekly basis right through the stakes to tickets worth 1 per bingo game ticket and more.

Obviously as i have experienced with the other online bingo sites, the higher the stake that you are willing to play, the higher your winnings but make sure that you keep track of how many tickets you are buying at one time, i forgot that i had moved up a few stake levels and ended up staking almost 100 on just one game of bingo online! Good job that i got a line.

Jackpot Joy Bonus and Promotions

Jackpot Joy are so well established that they have opted to not offer new players the chance to sample the delights that they have to offer with free online bingo money with no deposit needed, instead they are rewarding depositing players with a 200% first deposit match bonus.

This means that the site are willing to offer treble the money that you load into your account on your first deposit, great for if you only have £20 spare as it means that the site will make that £60 worth of online bingo or slots game action, just for joining the site.

With promotions spread as far wide as the eye can see, you will not have any problems finding one that will be of interest for you, including promotions that aren’t even aimed at their online bingo games, instead being related to the other games that they have on the site too!

It seems to look like they have thought of a promotion for almost everything that they offer, including a promotion that the site have that is simply asking for you to send in pictures of your winning reaction after winning at the online bingo games you play.

The site are willing to pay cheques of £1,000 for your winning photos and will be giving away a total of 30,000 just to see the look on your face as you scrape the victory online during your sessions.

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