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Is online gambling safe? This is the most frequently asked question posed by newcomers. The answer to that is yes and no.The internet is littered with reports of gambling operators not honoring legitimate cash-in requests, bogus bonus promises or worse, players simply getting locked out of their online casino accounts for no clear reason, then finding it impossible to contact or communicate with the operator. If this had to happen to you, who would you turn to or who would back you up? We strongly believe that we have a responsibility toward you, the player, when recommending an online gambling operator. This is our business and we take it seriously. Our intention is to do everything possible to ensure that, your online gambling experience is the genuine thing and facilitated in highly professional manner.

By clicking on a link to any gaming operator, you can rest assured that we have fully examined, every single online gambling operator in depth, or they definitely would not have featured on this site. We have built up very good professional relationships with online gambling sites, industry watchdogs and, independent standards authority’s, of the online gaming industry, overseeing fair gaming, player protection and responsible operator conduct, who provide us with regular information on the good and bad operators, regularly.

Should we get to hear of any problem with an operator either from you the player or via the industry, we will not hesitate to investigate and attempt to resolve the issue, publish the findings on our site and remove the online casino operators listing with us, should the problem not be resolved in a satisfactory manner. Unacceptable operator conduct is reported to the many industry associations, where we have membership and very good professional relationships.

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