Doubling After A Split - Blackjack RulesDoubling After A Split - Blackjack Rules

Doubling after a Split can be costly, but if basic strategy dictates that this is what you have to do then make sure you do it.

If you are unsure how to play any Blackjack hand then take a look at the strategy cards that we have placed around this website, they are there to help you so feel free to print them off.

Now, when you Split a hand you always have to place a stake onto the new hand that is equal to the initial wager, then should you decide that you have to Double after Splitting then you need to place another wager that is equal to the amount you have riding on the hand.

All these additional wagers will add up and therefore it is always advisable to set yourself a sensible stake to play at, then when these Splitting and Double Down options appear you can comfortably afford them.

If you are new to playing Blackjack online then feel free to visit any of the online casinos we feature on this website and download their software for free.

Once you have done this and fully installed this software then you can set yourself up with a guest account, this means you are not going to have to pay a penny to play any of their Blackjack games, of course you won’t win real money but it is a great way to learn the games, and of course when to Double Down after Splitting a hand.

Not all Blackjack games allow you to Double Down after a Split so it always pays to make sure you are fully aware with the game rules before you sit down to play.

By Doubling Down after Splitting at the right time, but only when the strategy dictates will mean if you are successful you can win some hefty amounts that will put you into profit.

If you do find yourself in such a position make sure that you follow a good money management system that will allow you to end the session in profit, don’t be tempted to carry on playing once you reach your win amount

As mentioned get yourself set up with an online casino account that will allow you to play for free or for real money and put your Doubling Down after a Split skills to good use, one site we recommend is Riverbelle Casino

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