Blackjack Card Values - Blackjack RulesBlackjack Card Values - Blackjack Rules

An Ace is worth either One or Eleven, most Blackjack games allow you to Split Aces however you usually will only get dealt one card to split Aces.

  • A Two often called a Deuce is worth its face value ie. Two, a tricky card to deal with but one that offers plenty of chances when playing Blackjack.
  • Getting dealt a three means it is worth its face value that is three, check out all of the strategy cards for the best ways to play this card.
  • You may have guessed a Four is worth just that and should you get dealt a pair of fours in Blackjack Switch the only way to play them is to Hit them.
  • A Five is a Five and no matter how you look at it it’s one of the nastiest little cards you can get dealt, unless you get a pair of them which makes your hand much stronger.
  • When you are sat looking at a Six which is worth of course Six, it hasn’t many “get out” cards that can help you, so get hoping that the Dealer gives you a five also.
  • A Seven is worth Seven and is one of the better mid ranged cards that you can be dealt in any variant of Blackjack, learn how to deal with a Seven and you’ll be OK.
  • Not one of the worst cards you can get but being worth Eight in value it can be tricky when you get dealt a pair of them, should you Split or should you Hit?
  • Nine being worth its face value of Nine can be a very strong card but always follow the correct strategy for playing it as a wrong decision will cost you.

A Ten, Jack, Queen or a King are all worth Ten. They are the best cards to get when playing Blackjack. Never ever split them though as good strategy say don’t.

If you have understood the Blackjack Rules and made yourself aware of the correct Blackjack strategy then your next step will be to sit yourself down at a Blackjack table and play for real money.

In a land based casino this can be quite intimidating at first as there is always a lot of hustle and bustle and being a novice player you don’t want undue attention drawn to yourself for making an innocent mistake.

You need to understand that all Blackjack tables in land based casinos will have a little sign on them usually to the left of the Dealer (your left) and this sign will alert you to the stake levels for that particular game.

You will need to find a table that your bankroll can sustain, so the best advise we can give is for you to find the table will the lowest limits, generally the lowest ones you will find in places like Vegas are around the $5 to $10 minimum bet range.

Once you have found a casino and Blackjack table with stake limits you are happy to play for your next move should be not to sit down and play but to visit the Comp or Loyalty Club.

You need to sign yourself up as a member of the casinos comp club before you play, as by doing so the casino will “comp” all your Blackjack action.

This simply means the casino will give you a few little freebies based on how much you are playing for and for how long at their Blackjack tables.

These comps can quickly add up and you will soon find yourself getting free meals or even free rooms and the casino.

Once you have been given a comp club card then proceed to the Blackjack table and before you start to play present your card to the Dealer who will then arrange for the Pit Boss to monitor your game play.

Once you have given the Dealer your card then you will need to buy some chips, simply place your bank notes in front of you and the Dealer will change them for chips.

Remember a Dealer is there to help you and if you are unsure of anything then ask, they will be only to happy to help.

Have fun at the Blackjack tables, and before long you will be chatting quite happily to fellow players and cheering them on and them you once those winning cards start to fall your way.

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