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Are you a seasoned gambler? Then you should already be knowledgeable on which slots are best for you. If you’re just starting with this or switching from table games to slots know that the Internet is full of a variety of video slots with advantages and disadvantages. Thoroughly check a slot game before you decide to play for real money. Learn about benefits and specific features and do your research. Here’s what you need to check.

Why Is It Important to Find The Perfect Slot

Winning. It’s all about winning and there are thousands of well-made slots with differences in sound effects, RTP, graphics quality, and other things. Paylines are different, and jackpots can be different, but you don’t always enjoy a slot for hours so it’s essential to find a game that makes you stay glued to the screen to win big.

What To Look For In A Slot

Start with RTP percentages but don’t stop there – that’s probably one of the biggest mistakes you can make. Know that RTP is just a theoretical percentage of the overall expected win in that slot in case that you spin those reels indefinitely. While this is a great point to check off your list, it shouldn’t be decisive. Volatility is equally important. This is all about how friendly a slot game is and oftentimes this is what suits your bankroll best. There are 2 types of video slots when it comes down to volatility, and you should opt for the one which you are confident enough to play for longer and with more real money.

Low-volatility games give frequent, but small wins and they are great for those with tiny bankrolls as they don’t need big deposits to reload. Their jackpots are sometimes low – as high as 5.000 coins. On the other end of the spectrum, there are high volatility slots which are now obvious what they can do.

Search For A Theme That Resonates With You

We are all different on this planet. If you love comic books just go for slots like Batman: The Dark Knight, Thunderstruck, and so on. A video slot that works for your best friend will not necessarily work for you. Take some time to do the research and find themes that you like. For instance,

Keep It Simple

Online slots have better odds when they are simpler. Fancy slots with a lot of features take a lot of time and you don’t spend any money. Casinos usually up their house edge on these slots making up for that time that you would otherwise use for another spin.


While risk, potential wins, and money are some of the most important factors in choosing video slots, you have to understand that it’s still a game, and it has to have unique and attractive features otherwise it would hardly be any fun. Your approach counts a lot in this equation so just make sure that the slot is not boring. Gamblers tend to increase the stakes often and usually go over the limits so make sure you don’t get too much excitement.

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