That’s right, you won’t believe this highly intelligent casino cheat scam but here is what happened during the month of August in London’s chic Casino at the Empire. Two casino cheats happened upon a roulette game where they noticed that every three spins or so, the dealer sniffed as if he were trying to clear his stuffy nose just before spinning the ball. They then cleverly decided to use this dealer’s habit in a roulette cheat scam. Being gifted in overall conning and scamming, they hung out in the casino bar looking to bait some heavy-packing punters (gamblers)for the fleece. They came across a wealthy Egyptian and told him that they had an inside scam working with that particular sniffing casino dealer. They told him that the guy was able to control the roulette ball with a fair amount of accuracy and could hit a section of six numbers on the wheel about a third of the time. They told him that the dealer would sniff the signal when he was about to launch a controlled spin. Of course the dealer had no clue who the hustlers were, nor was his sniffing indicative of anything more than a cold or stuffy nose.

The cheats brought the Egyptian into the casino where he bought in for 500-pound chips at the roulette table. The deal was that the Egyptian and the cheats would split the profits fifty-fifty. Well, the cheats got real lucky and the first ten times the roulette dealer sniffed, he hit the section of six numbers nine times! The Egyptian increased his bets and by the time the dealer finished his shift, he’d won 60,000 pounds! He gave the casino cheats 30,000 and promptly left the casino.

The pair of roulette cheats worked the scam several more nights as the dealer continued to sniff intermittently. They won with a few marks and lost with a few others. The scam came apart when one of the marks, who’d happened to win, overheard the sniffing dealer tell a pit supervisor that he was having an allergic reaction to something in the casino, presumably the carpeting. The mark, in spite of having won, decided to complain to the supervisor about the hustling cheats. They were immediately tossed out of the casino and barred from entering it in the future.

Well, in any case, I think it was quite a creative little gig, and the least I can say for the two casino scam artists is that they sure knew how to think on their feet.

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