Hitting And Standing Hands - Blackjack Rules Hitting And Standing Hands - Blackjack Rules

The art of playing Blackjack is to know when and where to either Stand or Hit your hand, get this wrong an you will, over time, be on the wrong side of the casinos house edge.

The only way you will correctly make either a Hit or a Stand manoeuvre is by knowing the correct strategy to make for every eventuality.

On the majority of the pages here at Blackjack Rules we have put the strategy cards for every game of Blackjack we cover, so pay very close attention to them.

By following the strategy card you will be playing the correct way, every time you play and this will greatly increase your chances of having a winning Blackjack session.

One the right hand side of this web page we have the basic strategy card for Single Deck Blackjack and this particular game can be found over at our top rated Blackjack site Royal Vegas Casino

You are invited to visit their website and download their state of the art, Microgaming powered software. Once you have downloaded the software you can set yourself up a guest account and this will allow you to play this Blackjack game for free.

If you are new to playing Blackjack then try the game using the strategy card provided, and slowly but surely you will soon get to learn the correct way to play the game.

By playing in free-play mode you are risking none of your own funds, and at the same time you are gaining the playing experience that will allow you to play without the card, as making the correct Hitting or Standing decision will become second nature.

One tip is to never let others make a decision for you, if you are playing at a land based casino it is very easy to become intimidated by other players, especially if you are sitting at the last base.

Fellow players often think that the decision the last player makes will effect the outcome of the game, and if you stand or hit at the wrong time they can get upset.

Well ignore them, by following the correct strategy there is never a wrong decision.

This is where playing online comes into its own, you are playing in the comfort of your own home without anyone else to distract you. You can play as slow or as quickly as you like, the only difference is that you will have to get your own drinks.

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